Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Steps to Make a Success Life


“Wealth, my son, should never be your goal in life. Your words are eloquent but they are mere words. True wealth is of the heart, not of the purse.”
― Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World

Hello guys, long time no see! I have a new task this time im gonna tell you about my future plans and everything im gonna do to make it happen. 

let me tell you from the start, begin from when i was born. i was born in Bandung 2nd of July 2001. i bothered my mom and dad because it was 23.00 in the night. i was named Sophia Crestotes Sharon which means queen who blessed by the God and it was taken from Greek. im getting older, i started to learn everything. my parents wanted me to be smart at subjects and because of that, i really learnt everything because that was my parents's goals. 

i came to PlayGround school and i was known by the kid who smart. i was always chosen by the teacher to get in every competition like drawing and coloring (also dancing). i didnt know why, because every picture that i drew and every single paper that i colored, there was none of them is good. i have taken so many steps in this part of my life. i could read, i could write, i could sing, and i was happy of my life. i still didnt know what my future looks like. 

then i began to enter the PreSchool. it was a new world for me because i started to learn mathematics, English, and science. like i was before, in this steps i was also known by the kid who has a great brain. i didnt know why it could happen because i studied just because i have to. my parents would angry at me if i didnt do everything well. if i made a little mistake i would be very scared. i know my childhood is not fun at all. in this steps of my life, i have understood what pain feels like, i have felt every emotion in human's body, and i have argued with my friends and family. i imagined my future looks like, and i feel scared, will i just become like my parents? will i do to my kids the things they have done for me?

and my elementary school-life is began. i entered the school with a test and my test result is perfect. i was surprised by that. i thought the elementary school is beautiful. and it was. when i was in 1st grade, i had the biggest score in my school. i got the 1st rank, and i have many friends. friends getting closer and there is one boy who caught my eyes off. in this steps of life, i could feel love. future? hmm, maybe next time, i studied just because i didnt want a punishments from my parents
second grade. i had to learn more. it is okay. it still felt easy for me. i see my friends betrayed each other. they really dramatic, tho. i got the 1st rank again and my score got the biggest score again. i thought i will be President, maybe? 
third grade. my friend moved to Jakarta. i felt sad. my favorite teacher passed away. i felt down. but i have to study, because if i didnt study my parents would get mad at me. i tried to learn piano and chess. it helps me to understand math more. i got the 1st rank, but my score didnt get the biggest score. i still thought that i want to be President.
4th grade. i am getting bigger, my lessons getting harder. i remember there is one event that i got my lowest score. i was sad. i know it sounds 'lebay', but when it happened i just didnt want to go to school again. i almost cried at school, but there is one girl who cheered me up. i smiled. my life was getting a helper. in this steps of life, i have felt new emotion, it is called 'dissapointed'. i turned away my career goals, i wanted to be scientist. 
5th grade. that was the worst time in elementary school. i felt very sick when i was in 5th. i felt depression, because i didnt study and i was scared that my parents would angry at me. i stressed. everything made me got my 2nd rank for the first time. future? i dont have future.
6th grade. i set my goals high. i wanted to be a student at SMPN 5 Bandung. i know it was really hard for me, because i was in private school. i want to prove i can do it. and i could. i got my name written in SMPN 5 Bandung as student. (Actually, i just wanted to get in Saint Angela JHS, but my parents didnt let me in). i have a bright future!

before i entered SMPN 5 Bandung, my mom told me to take Acceleration Class. i took the test and i achieve the result. i told my parents that i got what they wanted, and i was really happy to see my parents proud of me. i took it not too seriously in middle school. my parents trusted me for the subjects. and because of that, i didnt study for the whole time in my middle school. but when i was in 3rd grade, i realize that study is not my obligation, but it is my way to reach my dream. i got so many bad issues, my friends took the wrong way to reach their dream, i felt scared. honestly, i was scared of failure. i wanted to be as SMAN 3 Bandung student but i knew i couldnt do it. i surrender to God for whatever i put in, but with my pray for God and His blessings for me, i got the 'best student of SMPN 5 Bandung 2015' from my school. i got 388,5! 

hello SMAN 3 Bandung! when in the first, i didnt want to be an Acceleration class but my parents told me to. then i took a test and the result is i got the Acceleration class. again. well i just wanted to get many organizations in highschool, but it is impossible for me especially because i am in this class.  then i got in2 extracuricular, to increase my ability in speaking and photography. i have so many friends in high school. i did everything with my best, and i am in this steps in life. i have to decide my future. will it be? so here i tell you what my goals are in the future.

My personal goals:

1.      I have did and will always do all the things is do in the name of my God. Everything He gave me, i will give Him back with all i am. I am His servant forever.
2.      Im gonna make my parents proud of me. They have given everyhting i need until this second and what kind of daughter i am if i dont make them proud?
3.      I will make my family, teachers and my friends happy. They always there for me and i want pay for it.
4.      I want to help other people. Eventough they are which i dont know.
5.      Last but not least, i will never let myself down. Everything i do is the best i could give. And whatever the result is, i know that is the best for me and i have to trust God for His plans for me. 

My personal careers goals:

1.      To be honest, i want to work in Google Company. I like to interact with people and with gadget.
2.      i love how military works! Maybe i wont down to the battle, but maybe i may in control room, wearing headset and microphone and working with military computer.
3.      I often watch detective anime and drama, and i want to work in BIN but i know its impossible because i know how much the risks is to my family.
4.      Traveler, and get paid. Doing my hobby and get money from it, what a life.
5.      Im interested in word-world. I can be novelist or writer, and play with my imagination.

My personal financial and health goals:

1.      I dont have to be very rich, i just want to have a family which is their financial is enough and they live happily without worrying about everything.
2.      I want to still be healthy until my hair turns grey. I dont want bother my family to take care for me when im sick.
3.      Id like to change my habbit about food, which now i eat without a schedule.
4.      For your information, my dream is to travel around the world with my husband. It means i have to be succees in the future to make that dream happens easier.
5.      I was grown in family that doesnt like sports so much. I just do sport that taught in school. When im older, i want to try every sports that looks pretty nice for me.

My personal learning goals:

1.      After high school, i want to continue my study in college. I want to be student in STEI ITB.
2.      i want to make my name longer! The more degree i get on my name, the cool it be!
3.      If could, i want to take my study until i get ‘Doktor’ degree (S3). It makes me easier to get a job.
4.      Based on every book, comics, and novels i have red, i want to taste how it feels to study aboard. Scolarship is one of many ways to reach that.
5.      And the most important is, i learn because i dont want my brain empty. I want to wide my knowledge and learn learn learn until there is no that can be learnt again because there is always something to be learnt. 

What am i going to do to make those happen?

1.      Give everything to God. Do all things in life just because you love your God. Surrender and never protest about what God has done for you. Its life’s number one rule.
2.      Ask blessings from your parents. Tall about your problem to them, let them speak. Trust me, they know you best and their words will never wrong.
3.      Be kind to everyone! Family, friends, strangers. We dont know what they have been through and give them a little brighten piece of their day!
4.      Start to make your daily goals, and give a little punishments in it in case you didnt do the task or break the rules. It makes you discipline. But it is okay if sometimes you want to be a rebel, break your own rules, its funny.
5.      Study hard, work hard, do the best in me. Remember, the result will never betray the effort. Whatever the result is, if you have done with your best, it is the best you could achieve. It can be worse.
6.      Be happy everyday, everytime in your life. Happy heart is the best medicine in life.
7.      Increase my good habbit and erase all the bad habbit that harm other people. Dont bring people come to your worst.
8.      Your past doesnt define who you are. But, learn from the past to make you a great people.
9.      Experience everything! Try to do things you havent done, while you are still live at this age! Get in organizations, make a group of friends, hike the mountain, photo the sunrise, swim the beach! Life is too short to just stay at home and read a book. What will you say when your kids ask you what you did in highschool?
10.  Just let it flow. Dont take it too seriously, if you fail, this is not the end. Just try to play with your luckiness and see what happens. Life has many surprises for you. 

So, maybe i story too much and i think it is enough (thank you for reading). Im sorry if there are some kind of thoughts that dont suit in your mind. Lets pray for me and my friends for all we want to be (Amin). 

The future is waiting for you. 

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

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